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Welcome to the National Engine Centre website

The National Engine Centre provides engine rebuilds carried out by UK specialists. Services include engine reconditioning, engine reconstructions and car engine rebuilds.

Not quite sure what is wrong with your car?

Get in touch with our team of experts by calling 02920 488779. Alternatively, send us an email and a fully trained mechanic will be in touch to give free advice.

Follow These Simple Rules To Stay Safe…

Be smart, always pay by credit card (not debit), even when using PayPal, this way no matter what happens your payment is protected.

Always ask to come and inspect the item, make the appointment so they think you're really coming, even if you aren't, if there is a problem they will stall.

Ask for their VAT number, all companies have VAT numbers, no VAT number = No company.

Google the company name and postcode, no reviews, good or bad, usually indicates a new company, ask yourself why?

Ask the company what will happen if the item they supply you is faulty?

So Why Buy From Us…?

We are a real company

We have been trading on eBay for over 7 years with fantastic feedback rating, we have also been trading for ten.

Our feedback relates to our business, not a few low cost sales or purchases to quickly gain good feedback.

We accept credit cards

Unlike others, our terminal is never 'broken'. We accept payment on delivery, this allows your mechanic to inspect - ideal for the many people who have previously been conned or bought the wrong engine.

Just imagine you buy an engine from a company, pay your mechanic to fit it and then the engine is faulty, your mechanic still wants to be paid for his work and the company you purchased the engine from will at best just refund you the cost of the motor, leaving you hundreds of pounds out of pocket.

We offer a real warranty

We don't and won't do this to you — if you buy an engine from us and find upon fitting it has a fault, we will either pay for it to be rectified or collect your vehicle and rectify the problem ourselves. This offer relates to any engine we sell with a warranty and is applicable for 28 days. After 28 days the warranty reverts to a normal back to base warranty for the remainder of the 12 months. Our warranty labour rates are £35 per hour and require authorisation in advance.

It might seem strange to be talking of when things go wrong but we believe that any company is only as good as its guarantee. Before you buy elsewhere ask them what they will do if there item is faulty? We welcome all questions so call today on 02920 488779 with all your questions; we are ready for your call.

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